HTF Members in Ireland, Wales & Scotland

Since opening the Membership in January this year we have been pleased to welcome a number of new members:- 4 from Scotland, 3 from Wales, 1 from Northern Ireland and 2 from the Republic.

In the light of the current financial situation this is very gratifying, and as things improve and through our programme of activities in the coming year, we look forward to increasing our exchanges across the borders and to developing working relationships. For the directory and categories of Membership and applications click here.

HTF in Ireland

The conference held in Kilkenny in June emphasised the potential for joint working between HTF and the organisations in the Republic of Ireland responsible for the historic environment and tourism. The Forum’s work on the public realm and tourism management is held in great regard in Ireland and we are currently discussing a strategy to exchange information and good practice. Benefits to our Members will accrue through the opportunities to look at a wider range of case studies and to enlarge the Membership base.

Cultural Tourism - Economic Benefit or Loss of Identity

The EAHTR International Symposium 2006 in Dubrovnik, co-organised by The Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council for Europe (CLRAE), will address the issues of contemporary cultural tourism, which affect the regeneration and sustainable management of Europe's historic and heritage cities. It will provide a unique platform for an exchange of views and experiences among key decision makers, academics and practitioners, working in the field of cultural heritage and tourism.  Delegates will discuss and agree on a 'Dubrovnik Declaration' setting out the issues, challenges and opportunities facing cultural tourism at the end of the Symposium. For more information and how to book please visit the conference website: