English Heritage launches Industrial 'Heritage at Risk' research

English Heritage (EH) has launched the start of its annual Heritage at Risk research, which this year will focus on industrial heritage at risk such as textile mills, coal mines, canals, railways, warehouses, brick works, potteries, breweries, gas works, wind and watermills, ports, docks and harbours.

EH will look at how much of the country's industrial heritage is at risk of neglect, decay or demolition in order to raise the debate about what needs saving and how. It will reveal the results of its Industrial Heritage at Risk research, including what the public think about our industrial past, in October this year at the launch of the annual Heritage at Risk register.

You can get involved now by posting items of industrial heritage you believe are at risk, including ports, docks and harbours.

Photographs and comments are welcome on the Flickr Group established by EH, the Council for British Archaeology and the Association for Industrial Archaeology
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