Development project for UWE Inter-professional Development Award includes Grade II* listed building

Interpro2 competition winners

A redevelopment scheme for UWE's St Matthias campus in Fishponds, Bristol was the remit for UWE's Inter-pro2 Competition. Teams from 6 different disciplines of Construction Management, Construction Technology, Design, Finance Marketing and Planning worked together to produce some excellent schemes.

The St Matthias site was chosen to give the competing groups of students the extra deliberation of working with and around Grade 11 listed buildings, and indeed the shortlisted teams had all considered carefully the juxtaposition of new and sometimes contemporary buildings with the Victorian Gothic. Helen Johnson, Marketing and Communications, HTF, was delighted to join Seán O Connor, Senior Consultant, Davis Langdon and Geoff Hunt, Director, ARUP on the judging panel.

Well done to all the finalists and congratulations to the winning team:

Adam Brannigan - Construction Management
Thomas Dudley - Construction Technology
Brigit Luffingham - Design
Adam Clegg - Finance
Jessica Griffiths - Marketing
Ben Hockman - Planning