Living in History

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TitleLiving in History
IllustratorEli Ofir
Historical ResearchRosalind Chislett & Jane Davidson
PublisherHome Portraits 4 U Ltd
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Living in History is a unique and breathtaking study of the evolution of English house styles from Medieval and Tudor times up to the 1930s. It reveals the architectural diversity of each period through the eyes and beautiful hand drawn portraits of Eli Ofir.

The book gives a good representation of architecture through the historical periods. The portraits are of different types of buildings - not only houses, but pubs, colleges and converted agricultural buildings constructed of various materials including timber-frame with flint, handmade bricks as well as mass produced materials. In addition to an explanation of building in each historical period the individual portraits are accompanied by their subjects' own histories telling the story of where, when, why and how each came to be built.