Review: Valuing Places - good practice in conservation areas

TitleValuing Places - good practice in conservation areas
PublisherEnglish Heritage
Published11 January 2011
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Conservation areas are in the vanguard of heritage protection. Designated by local authorities, they reflect the value placed by communities on cherished neighbourhoods, villages and town centres, giving them a key role in the regeneration of local areas.

This recognition of local distinctiveness is enshrined in legislation. It is not a device for preventing change or new development. Every conservation area contains places which have changed. Often these changes are features of the character which we wish to protect.  Often, too, further changes have to be accommodated if we are to ensure such places have a viable and beneficial future.

Well-managed change can bring with it the investment and care necessary to keep places in good condition. Poor management can result in neglect and decline, increasing the risk that places of great historic importance will be lost forever