Review: Developing best practice guidance for local heritage assets

TitleDeveloping best practice guidance for local heritage assets
PublisherEnglish Heritage
Published30 September 2010
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This brief development document is planned as an initial step in producing guidance to help local communities identify the heritage buildings and spaces that they recognise as important to them.  In particular this will be of interest where local heritage assets may influence the outcome of planning decisions. In addition it should help to encourage wider community involvement in non-statutory designation, while aiding community engagement and facilitating relationships between those communities and their local authorities.

It is being developed as a follow-on to the 2007 Government white paper Heritage Protection for the 21stCentury and will provide best practice guidance to carry out the commitments made in the paper. At present it outlines what the guidance is intended to cover, including selection criteria, local lists, involvement of the general public, strengthening the protection for local historic assets, and improving access to those assets through HERs.

The document is also a call out to local authorities for their experiences in managing local heritage assets.

Noël James, Director HTF
November 2010