Review: Saving London: 20 years of Heritage at Risk in the Capital

TitleSaving London: 20 years of Heritage at Risk in the Capital
Researched and written by Philip Davies, Delcia Keate, Richard Dumville and Clare Parfitt
PublisherEnglish Heritage
Published30 September 2010
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This timely publication from English Heritage takes a look back at 20 years of heritage protection in London. The London Register sparked the research which led to the launch Heritage at Risk campaign, the first of its kind to include all types of heritage asset, in 2008.

Packed full of interesting facts and figures (for example 94% of all buildings on the first register have been saved and brought back into use) Saving London also provides useful case studies which highlight the inherent sustainability of historic buildings, a factor which might be surprising to some.

The five chapters take us in turn through success, experience, key trends, case studies, and solutions, while covering areas such as new imperatives, why buildings become at risk, threats and consequences, and lessons learned.  Topics for discussion include statutory notices, climate change, and the usefulness of dedicated Heritage at Risk officers. Above all it shows that constant vigilance and effort is required to keep buildings at risk off the register, but it also shows that it is a possible and necessary alternative to new build in the fight against climate change.

Noël James, Director HTF
November 2010