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Blue Sail Directors from l to r – Michele Grant, Graham Nicholson, Amanda Shepherd, Lorna EastonBlue Sail is a destination consultancy specialising in tourism and the visitor economy.

We work with destinations across the UK – helping them to develop better visitor experiences, better destination management, clearer visioning and planning, more effective branding and marketing and stronger partnerships.

Our clients range from towns and cities through waterfronts and quarters, to museums and attractions.

Blue Sail was launched in January 2007 by some of the UK’s most experienced destination consultants – previously senior practitioners working in-house in destination development and marketing, heritage and cultural services, at national, regional and city levels.  

We're used to working in complex situations - as practitioners and as consultants. We understand partnerships and organisations and how to help them grow. We know the importance of engaging with stakeholders.  We know what it takes to get private and public sectors talking and working together.

You can see the wide range of projects in our portfolio pages on our website.  By way of example, here is a little about four very different projects we’ve been working on recently: 

Tatton Park: Blue Sail has been supporting the senior management team at Tatton Park over an extended period to review its vision and forward development options for the estate. Cheshire East Council manages the property and is prepared to invest in its attractions and visitor services to make it more self-reliant financially in the longer term. 

York: This year we’ve been exploring the opportunities to tell a new story about historic and contemporary York for York City Council and the York Economic Partnership.   We worked with key stakeholders  we established commitment to aligning how York is marketed across its various audiences including visitors, students and inward investors.   We’ve developed a new Shared Story™ and York Vocabulary to  describe and differentiate the city - reflecting its exceptional heritage but also ‘turning up the volume’ on York’s business, research and academic attributes. 

Maritime Greenwich World Heritage Site: We are often asked to set up delivery organisations or work with partnerships to agree visions and priorities.  For example, this summer we designed and facilitated a visioning workshop for the Maritime Greenwich World Heritage Site executive group, to kickstart their work on their next Management Plan.  We took this high-powered group of museums directors and senior officers through a packed programme of creative exercises, looking ahead five and 10 years to identify potential and priorities. 

Cardiff: We’re often called on to develop Tourism Strategies for destinations. A recent example is the new Tourism Strategy for Cardiff that built on the tremendous progress in the city’s visitor offer, not least at Cardiff Bay.   We provided recommendations for further product development, for the public realm, infrastructure and transport and for visitor services and information. The Strategy is accompanied by a practical action plan. 

As well as working on strategic planning, we are increasingly helping clients with service delivery. 
Find out more at : http://bluesail.com/news.htm

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