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Heritage Counts 2010HTF Media Release - 13 October 2010

Prosperity and conserving our heritage go hand in hand.  That has always been the message of the Historic Towns Forum, which warmly welcomes the confirmation of this in Heritage Counts 2010

Britain’s historic towns are among our most prosperous and sustainable communities. Supporting this premise is Scotland’s Historic Environment Audit 2010 and Valuing the Welsh Historic Environment both published recently. Heritage Counts 2010, England, launched on 13 October 2010 demonstrates the value of continuing to invest in the historic environment.  The environmental benefits are accompanied by success in the delivery of wider social and economic goals.  

Heritage Counts shows the benefits arising from a sustainable tourism industry supported by investment.  The Historic Towns Forum stresses the need for this to be accompanied by an approach to destination management that balances the needs of visitors, businesses, the community and the environment. 

Debbie Dance, Chair of the Historic towns Forum, said, “Heritage Counts contains lots of excellent news, but we can’t rest on our laurels.  National and local government must ensure that conservation of our heritage is not marginalised in the anticipated round of budget cuts and changes to the planning system. 

“Whatever the future holds, the Forum will do all it can to work with partners across the heritage sector to support conservation and prosperity in historic towns,” she added.


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