Janet Duncton, Planning, Design and Heritage Portfolio, Chichester District Council

I can’t tell you how wholeheartedly I support the removal of so much of our street clutter and not just inner town but out on the rural highway.

In my very rural patch I have one long straight road which has no less than 14 signs along it’s length.  The last one coming south to north informs you that you can now overtake just were the double white lines start at the junction of another by-road.  Madness.

The other campaign I have been running without much support or success is the endless small yellow signs with houses on them attached to every available post.

Now I know that Developers  need customers and far be it for me to try and interfere with their business, but and it’s a big but,  surely if customers are looking for property in a certain area they either check out the Estate Agents or the web, the local newspaper or indeed the Developer of their desire.  Once they have made contact with whichever source for selling that they choose surely this source can give them directions to whichever of the developments the customer would like to view or am I just being difficult?

In the meantime these nasty little signs stay on every available pole for months and months and help to spoil the look of things in town and country.  It would appear that we can do nothing about them.  Any advise would be very gratefully received.