HTF conferences and seminars

This summer has been a very busy one for HTF conferences and seminars; we have brought together experts and practitioners to share experiences and information on a range of current issues.

The role of retail development in economic regeneration: 27 May

The event held at the St David’s 2 centre in Cardiff examined this topic and its impact on historic city centres.

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A Historic Core Zone - the solution to traffic management in a Historic Town? 10 June

The impact of traffic on historic towns has been an issue challenging the Forum for many years. A visit to the proposed Historic Core Zone in Bradford on Avon, explored traffic management, applying the principles of the HCZ projects.

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Connecting people with place Lincoln 15 July

Successful places improve quality of life, they provide a sense of local distinctiveness and identity for residents and visitors, and they attract investment.  This conference demonstrated a new approach to interactivity using existing and new data and the latest technologies. 

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The Future of Heritage Protection London 17 June

PPS5 and changes to the planning systems, post election, were explored at a training event partnered by specialist law firm Bircham Dyson Bell.

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Chris Winter
Director, HTF