Developing heritage awareness for the professionals of the future

Developing heritage awareness for the professionals of the future is the purpose of a project in partnership with English Heritage and a number of Universities. Initially we researched the level of heritage awareness incorporated in relevant degree courses across the country (planning, architecture, urban design, conservation, heritage management, tourism etc). Then, working with four universities – Oxford Brookes, Newcastle, Sheffield Hallam and the University of the West of England – whose staff had shown a particular interest in this area, a mini conference was hosted by UWE in June and as a result of this we are developing a three pronged action plan: 

  • to develop support mechanisms to encourage academics’ interest through networking and offering additional resource information;
  • to develop learning resources using the latest technologies to encourage students to go out to experience and learn about the historic built environment and its value; and  
  • to explore a ‘back to basics’ learning programme to fill the knowledge gaps which were identified by our group.

To develop a really useful project it is important that we understand what is required for both private and public sector professionals working in the historic built environment. Information from you – our Members – on this would be very helpful.

Can you tell HTF:

What level of heritage awareness do new recruits coming into your profession from University have?    1. Needs improvement   2. Adequate or  3. Very good

Did you gain your heritage knowledge at University or ‘on the job’?  

Do you work with Universities in your region to feed into students’ education on this topic?

Or anything else you’d like to contribute please to: