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Listed Property Owners ClubListed buildings are the cornerstones of our heritage. Their fabric is both a part of our landscape and - through its connection with the events, innovations and individuals that have shaped our history - a tangible legacy of our past.
Whatever the grade of your building, its listed status marks it out as a property of national importance or interest. This inheritance is what gives a building ‘character’, and keeping that character alive is what draws people to own, maintain and live in a listed property. Living with an historical character, however, has its particular consequences and responsibilities: installing maintenance-free uPVC windows isn’t an option in a listed building; for instance, if your windows are timber-framed they’ll require regular care and attention. Similarly, repairing traditional lime mortars with modern cement pointing or rendering will
damage your building’s brickwork, while adding a damp-proof course is probably not workable. And where your duty to keep the building in good repair extends to maintenance of its important features or historic fabric - such as interior panelling or roofing timbers - you may have to seek Listed Building Consent before making any changes.
The Listed Property Owners Club was established in 1993 by a group of enthusiastic owners to provide advice and information gained from personal experience. It is now Britain's only advice service dedicated to keeping listed building owners informed of their obligations, rights, privileges and responsibilities.
We provide practical information on property maintenance, guidance on grants, loans, VAT, insurance etc. We also act as a pressure group to change views and laws that affect ownership.
On joining you will receive a Log Book, which enables you to build a record of your home’s unique history and character. The log book is packed full of detailed information sheets, providing expert advice on a wide range of issues that you are likely to face. Bi-monthly copy of Listed Heritage magazine, along with a Specialist Directory and access to a telephone helpline to discuss any problems or plans in more detail.

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