Book Review: The Green Guide for Historic Buildings

Title The Green Guide for Historic Buildings
Author The Prince's Regeneration Trust
Publisher The Stationery Office (TSO)
ISBN 9780117068445
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There is not only carbon invested in historic buildings but “social and cultural energy” according to the Prince Charles’ foreword to this book.  But it is primarily a practical book dealing with every aspect of “ways to further enhance (listed buildings’) environmental performance”. 

There are six chapters offering detailed information on everything from statutory requirements through windows, chimneys, heating, cooling, lighting, renewable technologies, green roofs, building material and more; with six appendices for additional information sources, links and funding information.  Case studies, diagrams and ‘hints and tips’ boxes, laid out in a very accessible way make it a useful ‘manual’ for adaptation and mitigation – something we are all going to have to learn to do.

Chris Winter, HTF Director
23 April 2010