Chair's Foreword

As I think about my first few months as Chair of HTF the word that springs to mind is that of partnership.   Whether this is the crucial financial support of our Partner / Sponsors, our relationship with the University of the West of England (UWE) and the Faculty of the Built and Natural Environment or our work with English Heritage on the Conservation Area At Risk seminars, or our working with other heritage bodies on HEREC or on such matters as PPS15, so much more is being achieved by working together.
HTF is lucky to have the support of a strong elected Executive Committee drawn from across public, private and voluntary sectors; add to this the dedication and commitment of the Director and her team and the future is bright.
I am grateful to one of our Partners Bircham Dyson Bell who are hosting a dinner for all of the Partners and look forward to a meeting with the Prince of Wales' office to discuss how we can work together after the heartening news that he has become our Patron for the next five years.
Elsewhere in this newsletter you will find details of this year's programme, but with topics based on such current issues as Community Engagement and localism, local distinctiveness and climate change there is much - and a varied programme - to look forward to.