The Historic Core Zone model remains a good one!

After more than 12 years since the original project historic towns are still finding that the principles put forward then are just as – maybe more – relevant today.
In Bradford on Avon in Wiltshire project partners Wiltshire Council and Colin Buchanan have asked HTF for its expertise in a feasibility study to save the pretty country town from the ravages of heavy traffic. HTF members may be able to visit the town later in 2010 to see for themselves the problems and proposals.
In Carlisle in Cumbria proposals have been approved for wider pavements, the removal of yellow lines, re-paved footpaths, a special loading zone and other measures to improve the pedestrian environment.
Carlisle historic core proposal gets green light

In Colchester in Essex the need to conserve the historic core has been recognised and one of the measures undertaken is the 'Freight in Colchester Town Centre Study' commissioned jointly by the County and Borough Councils.
Colchester Adapted Core Strategy pdf 1.5MB
Colchester Adapted Core Strategy