PPS15 - Where are we now?

After lengthy and vigorous involvement in the consultation process for PPS15, the Forum was disappointed to learn that there would not be further consultation on the final revisions. However, after pressure was brought to bear by HTF and others in the heritage sector this decision is receiving further consideration and in her letter to the Rt Hon John Healey MP and the Select Committee, Debbie Dance, HTF Chair, welcomed this commitment and said that further consultation: 
“is essential to address continuing concerns over a wide range of issues, including inter alia: the principles and philosophy underpinning conservation and the priority attached to it; the need for a robust understanding of ‘significance’ and how this is to be applied; the requirement for a proportionate and consistent approach to recording; and a robust understanding about the acceptable scope of changes to the historic environment. The outstanding issues are of particular concern given the failure to provide an effective foundation for the PPS through primary legislation.
The HTF wishes to stress how important it is for the proposed consultation to be fair, rigorous and transparent. The Forum will expect to be one of the stakeholders consulted.”

HTF Response to PPS15 Consultation
HTF Press Release