The year ahead

The uncertainty surrounding PPS15 and the forthcoming general election does not make planning for the coming year easy. However, there are topics which we know are important to Members and there are several which will be on the agenda:

  • The Conservation Areas At Risk campaign is being supported by a series of seminars around England in January and February (see
  • Heritage Protection: PPS15 is being closely monitored and we are working with Government and English Heritage on the document - expected Easter 2010. Until this is clearer the training requirements are also difficult to assess but it is a subject which we will respond to either separately or in partnership with other heritage organisations.
  • Housing growth, despite the ‘pause’ caused by the recession, is still something which many of our Members are facing and require guidance and examples of good practice. We are developing web-based guidance and are also considering a further event to develop the issues and to bring together research and exemplars for discussion.
  • The Park & Ride task group is also working on on-line information and guidance, as technologies in this field are developing very rapidly.
  • An Historic Core Zone is being developed in Bradford on Avon in Wiltshire and HTF is working with consultants Colin Buchanan on this project which should provide useful information for others seeking traffic calming solutions.
  • With the election expected, HTF will be working hard to increase awareness of the value of the historic built environment especially in the context of sustainable communities and climate change. This in turn should emphasise the resource requirements of those at the coal face – ie: local authorities.

These plans will be firmed up in the near future and as soon as more information is available it will be added to the HTF website.