PPS15 ... Where are we now

Following the consultation process which resulted in more than 500 responses, the Government has decided to redraft this Statement. As part of this process English Heritage made some proposals that it invited representatives of heritage organisations to discuss at a meeting in London on 23 November. Representing the Forum, Chris Winter (Director) was able to re-emphasise some of the points made in the HTF response and to lobby the representative from CLG on the importance of this document to historic towns.

However it was also emphasised by many present at the meeting that the document is limited by the lack of the legislation required to underpin it. Without this imperative, local authorities will find it very difficult to justify the resources required to carry out many of the changes contained in the Statement.

It was made clear that there will be no further consultation before the final Statement is published (around!) Easter 2010, although CLG made a commitment to study the responses.

The partner paper – the Guidance – is being developed alongside, but representatives from English Heritage seemed unclear whether this would include any further consultation.

HTF response to Draft PPS 15