New BURA Regeneration Training Programme supported by HCA

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  • London – Launching the 3 November
  • Manchester – launching the 5 November
  • Sheffield - Launching the 3 December
  • Birmingham – Launching the 15 December

The new BURA Regeneration Training Programme developed with the support of the Homes and Communities Agency provides a comprehensive and in-depth insight into regeneration.

Join this unique programme to develop the skills, knowledge, experience and contacts required to create practical and innovative solutions to current regeneration challenges and deliver holistic regeneration.

Who should attend?

Those from public, private and community sectors who want to maximise their performance in delivering regeneration and sustainable communities.

Why should you attend?

  1. To maximise the impact you and your organisation make.
  2. To understand how to deliver regeneration with fewer resources.
  3. To take practical knowledge back to your organisation.
  4. To connect with and understand your potential partners.
  5. To develop your contacts across the public, private and community sectors.

BURA is pleased to announce that there are the following discounts available:

  • CVS groups – 100% bursary support available
  • Female Practitioners - £450 discount on full programme fees available
  • Enhancement Fund - 42% off full programme fees (Private Sector Organisations on Sheffield Programme only)

Where and when?






Regeneration in context

3 November

5 November

15 December

3 December

Economic Development & Financing Regeneration

8 December

10 December

12 January

14 January

Social Impact of Regeneration

5 January

7 January

16 February

18 February

Environment & Regeneration

9 February

11 February

15 March

18 March

Physical Regeneration and the Built Environment

9 March

11 March

13 April

15 April

Delivering Regeneration and ‘Place-Shaping’

6 April

8 April

11 May

13 May

″The importance of developing skills and capacity in regeneration has never been more significant. The BURA Regeneration Training Programme delivers the most up-to-date, practical and informative training available. This is a must attend programme for anyone involved in the regeneration and sustainable communities sector.″
Michael Ward, Chief Executive, BURA

To register your interest or to receive further details please contact us.
Telephone: 02075394030