Back in the Easy Chair

So it’s out at last – PPS15, “Planning for the Historic Environment”. The long awaited (and long overdue) consultation paper invites comments by 30 October. The HTF will be formulating a response in the next 2 months and in so doing would appreciate your own comments on the Statement. Our Vice Chair, Brian Human will be drafting some thoughts for the Forum to consider initially at the Annual Conference in Chichester, 21–23 October (see elsewhere in this News for details). If you have any issues which you feel the Forum should be taking up in relation to the Statement then please let the HTF office know as soon as possible.

My second term as Chair is coming to a close as I will be stepping down after the Annual Conference. I am pleased to say that we have found a new Chair and that person will be recommended to the Membership at the AGM on 21 October. I have every confidence that the Forum will continue to offer its Members (and the wider audience we frequently reach) the high levels of support to which they have become accustomed. The Forum has not, by any means, been protected from the effects of the recession, but thanks to the hard work of the Director, Chris Winter and the support and dedication of the small team at Bristol we have developed a Strategy to see the Forum through the next couple of years. Implicit in that Strategy is your continued support as Members and Sponsors, so please ensure that the Forum remains a priority area of interest and activity in the future.

The programme for the Annual Conference in Chichester is taking shape and promises to be a great event, so if you want to hear the latest thoughts on quality of life from Wayne Hemingway, how to successfully design modern public buildings in historic settings from architect Keith Williams, and also have the opportunity to visit what is regarded as one of the best collections of modern art in the country at Pallant House Gallery, see a Rolls Royce being built, or witness the largest collection of monumental sculpture in a landscaped setting at Goodwood, then be there from 21-23 October.

Sam Howes