Civic Society Initiative

Ian Harvey of the Civic Society Initiative explains ....

"Over the next twelve months, the Civic Society Initiative aims to provide support and a significant national voice for civic societies in England. Griff Rhys Jones, launching the Initiative together with a £50,000 appeal for funds, said that the need for a vibrant civic society was greater than ever before. He cited the survival of Covent Garden as evidence of a successful civic society campaign in the 1970's.

Funded and supported by the National Trust, North of England Civic Trust, Campaign to Protect Rural England and the Royal Institute of British Architects among others, the Initiative will work with local societies and other community groups to develop a strong voice for civic societies and a network of support. Led by Tony Burton, former Director of Strategy and External Affairs at The National Trust, it will explore a range of possibliities including the development of the mission, vision, values, funding, governance and name. The outcome will be a set of proposals combining immediate practical viability with a 3-5 year plan of the future."

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