Colin Buchanan welcomes Jeremy Edge

Colin Buchanan is pleased to announce the appointment of Jeremy Edge as Director of Development Planning. Jeremy will bring his excellent training and experience in planning and property viability not only to our Planning, Regeneration and Urban Design teams but to the whole issue of providing transport and other infrastructure to strategic development across the UK, Ireland and overseas. Jeremy has wide ranging professional competencies as both a chartered surveyor and chartered town planner; and strong property valuation as well as planning and development skills and experience. An early interpretation of his role at CB will be to assist our many public and private sector clients to help unlock their projects which, due to the economic downturn, are currently not developing. Jeremy joins Hugh Roberts our Director of Planning, Regeneration and Urban Design and also an RTPI/ RICS Planner, to reinforce our claim to be one of the current market leaders in infrastructure planning consultancy as a key route to recovery in the property sector and regeneration generally for our towns and cities.