The Forum's programme for 2009 evolves

At the Strategy Meeting held on 8 October, Members met to consider the results of the Membership Survey carried out in August and, in the context of the Strategic Priorities set out in the Business Plan, to prioritise topics for the Forum to address in the coming year.

There was general consensus that high quality design should cut across all areas of work. Key issues of concern were agreed as:

  • Conservation & historic environment protection
  • Retail development
  • Quality public realm
  • Transport
  • Housing growth (the current 'pause' offers an opportunity for reflection)
  • Tourism

    Bearing in mind that in the past year the Forum has carried out work (guidance or conferences) on: - retail development, historic streets, tourism and transport, it was agreed that there is potential for further guidance on:

    • Heritage protection
    • Conservation area management
    • Managing growth
    • Park & Ride update (See the message from the Chair on the back page)

    These topics will therefore form the basis for projects and events in 2009. A programme will be published in the New Year.

    See the notes from the meeting.