Format of NEWS?

The format of the regular EHTF NEWS has been debated for some time - paper or electronic? Responses from Members vary - with equal numbers in favour of each, and the considerations well matched.

It has therefore been decided that the next edition - in the New Year - will only be circulated electronically - as a trial. (It will also be available on-line as it is now.)

Please make a mental note of your response to this paper copy - when you read it? whether you share it with colleagues? - and we will ask you for a comparative assessment after your receive the next e-version. A decision will then be made about future editions - paper, e-news or a combination?

You might also like to compare the e-version with other e-news bulletins you receive to help us to continually improve our communications with you.

If you have any news you would like to share with other Members - successful projects, particular problems, or anything else of interest - please contact the editorial team at