Townscape in Lichfield

The Annual Conference this year will take delegates to a small City in the centre of England, to explore in the current context the issues of 'Townscape'. Dan Roberts, Conservation Officer and Urban Design Manager, Lichfield District Council says: "In common with many market towns and small cities in Britain, Lichfield now finds itself under the developer's gaze. Having pretty much exhausted the potential for commercial development and redevelopment in our major towns and cities, it appears to be provincial settlements that are now the focus of attention.

One of the interesting dilemmas this raises in towns and cities that have not been so thoroughly 'worked over' in the past, during the industrial revolution for example, or through the comprehensive redevelopments of the 1960s, is the provision of contemporary living, services and designs within an inherently historic context.

In Lichfield's case, the council has chosen to promote the mixed use redevelopment of an area on the edge of the city centre, defined by a circulatory route created in the 1960s, leaving the historic core relatively intact. An extensive, recently completed repaving scheme in and around the market place has enhanced the traditional public realm, and future developments are proposed in order to balance the offer of shops and services across the city centre. We look foward to meeting Dan and his colleagues in October.