Investing in Heritage - A Guide to Successful Urban Regeneration

INHERIT reportThe INHERIT report has now been published by EAHTR following three years of working in partnership with the cities of Belfast, Newcastle upon Tyne, Göteborg, Verona, Gdansk and Ubeda. Copies of this useful and timely report have been sent to all EHTF members.


The report explores the value of heritage, looks at different approaches to heritage-led regeneration and identifies the social and economic benefits that can be achieved. It endeavours to understand the underlying processes involved in investing in heritage and to identify the key ingredients leading to success.

The key success factors identified are based on 19 detailed case studies, supplementary examples of good practice from across Europe, and an evaluation of EU regional policy in the field of Cultural Heritage.

The guidance, while aimed at helping local and regional authorities to realise the full potential of heritage as a catalyst for the wider regeneration of their towns and cities, will have relevance to everyone working in the field of Cultural Heritage.

INHERIT is an interregional project partly funded by INTERREG 3C.

The report can be downloaded here

Brian Smith, EAHTR