2008 Annual Conference to be held in Lichfield

In 1992 the EHTF's 'Townscape in Trouble' publication caused a stir in conservation circles; it caught the attention of Government and brought about some changes too.

In 2008 protection of the historic environment is once again testing policy makers and practitioners and the many issues in the debate will be explored at this year's Annual Conference. Working with other leading organisations, the Forum is planning to research some of the tools available to practitioners and to ask planners and conservation officers their opinions in order to identify not only good practice but also the gaps.

Climate change, energy efficiency and sustainability were not include in the previous guidance document and must be addressed, but without losses to the historic fabric. Are there things we can learn from historic buildings both physically and through their role in communities?

The whole of the town centre of Lichfield is a Conservation Area and it can illustrate many of the issues facing EHTF Members and is adopting a design-led approach to the solutions. Join us in Lichfield from 8 - 10 October.