EHTF book review

A clear understanding of what makes a place significant, and the potential vulnerability of that significance is key to the effective management of the built cultural heritage. 'Managing Built Heritage' examines the management of the built cultural heritage through the use of the concept of cultural significance, how this is assessed and how it can inform management strategies and processes, particularly at times of change. Whilst the approach is both analytical and reflective, the book uses examples from all over the world to illustrate particular issues, look at current approaches and draw out best practice for policies and procedures to ensure effective management. This book will be useful for both specialists in built cultural heritage and managers of portfolios that include listed buildings or buildings in conservation areas.

Prue Smith, EHTF Executive Member and Consultant

 EHTF Book Review

Managing Built Heritage: The Role of Cultural Significance
Derek Worthing and Stephen Bond, Blackwell Publishing Ltd., 2007, 217pp,
ISBN 978-1-4051-1978-8, ?45.00