Manual for Historic Streets to be launched on 30 April in Durham

The Forum's second publication of the year - 'Manual for Historic Streets' - will be launched at the dinner prior to a conference looking at many aspects of transport in historic towns - including road charging.

EHTF welcomed the Department for Transport's publication 'Manual for Streets' as a move towards reducing street clutter and unnecessary signage. However, its application was mainly for residential streets and in the opinion of the Forum this should be extended to high streets and other streets - especially in historic areas. Our response was to bring together experts and practitioners to offer guidance in all aspects of the management of traffic and streets to produce a document which looks in depth at the theory and the practice.

The conference - 'Designing for movement: Transport and regeneration in historic towns' - will look at the strategic approach to traffic management, congestion charging, economic development and tourism issues related to transport, with workshops on coach parking, park & ride, parking, bus management, walking and cycling strategies and car free cities - lessons from Europe.