Parking - the challenges

With over 30m cars registered for use in the UK, proper and effective management of our streets and especially parking is absolutely necessary for our towns and cities.

It is now more widely appreciated that traffic engineering and parking controls can be applied in a manner much more in keeping and more closely aligned to the unique characteristics of the locality they are intended to serve and genuinely enhance the surroundings.

People involved in the design of what is now called 'public realm' or delivering the renaissance of our towns and cities must strive to provide traffic and parking controls which balance the needs for accessibility to these places with the requirement to preserve or indeed restore the original characteristics that attracted the journey in the first place!

Fortunately the art of parking design and management is alive and well in many places and there are some fine examples of best practice in the application of proper and effective parking facilities which support the environment in which they exist or are designed to cater for the particular needs of tourism and visitors and yet preserve the nature of their surroundings.

Extract from an article by Kelvin Reynolds, Director of Technical Services, British Parking Association for the Manual for Historic Streets EHTF 2008