Future of the EHTF Chair

A paper was presented to the AGM in Newcastle on 18th October, which had resulted from discussions at the Executive Committee; Brian Human (Chair) summarised this, commenting that the role of the Chair had become increasingly important as the organisation expanded but this was in parallel with the increasing pressures on local authority officers at all levels. Various options had been explored, with their financial implications. The conclusions and recommendations were discussed and the AGM agreed:

To change Section 5 of the Constitution to read: '.. Officers of the Forum will normally be full-time employed staff of local authority members. If the circumstances dictate, the AGM may elect as Chair / Vice Chair an ex-local authority employee of appropriate experience and standing and not currently employed full-time by a commercial organisation.

In the event that the Executive Committee considered that the Chair should receive an honorarium or expenses this will be included in the nomination details to be considered and voted on by the AGM.'