2006 AGM Report

The Annual General Meeting held in Bury St Edmunds on 18 October agreed to adopt the Business Plan 2007-09 which had been proposed and made available to Members for comments prior to the meeting. It also agreed to the amendments to the Constitution, taking account of these changes.

Of special interest may be the changes put in place to expand the Membership in order to include a greater range of Local Authorities. Many Authorities already show their support for the Forum by attending events and purchasing publications.

In order to extend the network of expertise, but to continue to support smaller historic towns, all Local Authorities will be eligible for Membership but a scale of for Membership will ensure a fair distribution fees of the financial load.

In addition,other categories of Membership were invited to propose representatives to join the Executive Committee. All current Members will receive a letter explaining the implications of these changes and invitations to join the Forum will be sent to many other English Local Authorities.

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