Retail development in historic towns

Retail development in historic townsSeveral conferences over the last few years have explored this topic which continues to impact on historic towns as small towns compete against large cities and independent retailers compete with high street giants.

EHTF believes that it is the quality of the development that must be paramount if the historic towns are to retain their identity and USP. The publication launched in partnership with English Heritage ('Retail Development in Historic Areas' 2005)* offers case studies which demonstrate many of the issues and the conference held in Bristol in June explored the topic further. At the workshop held as a follow-up to this it was agreed that guidance on how to reach the best decisions not just on the how? and what? but on the whether to? would be helpful. Helping to improve the processes of decision making and supporting the pursuit of high quality should ensure that where and when retail development is undertaken it enhances the whole experience of the historic town.

The work on this project will continue with the launch of further guidance planned for the New Year.