Programme of work for 2008

Projects and events for the coming year are currently under consideration in line with the 2007 - 09 Business Plan. Expressions of interest in projects or hosting events are very welcome. Please contact Chris Winter on 0117 975 0459 or

Retail Development: this remains an issue impacting on many of our Members, and we are working towards producing further practical guidance, with partners who have extensive expertise in the field.

Streetscape: as well as the preparation of a guidance document, a series of regional training seminars is being considered to offer guidance on achieving better streets, with fewer signs and lines and street clutter which are threatening the attractiveness of the historic built environment.

Conservation Area Management: conservation areas are at the heart of historic places and their management is key to the enhancement and preservation of the historic environment; a conference is proposed to refocus the attention of local and national agencies.

Tourism management: since the publication of 'Focus on Tourism' the national tourism agencies have changed significantly and globalisation and the approach of the 2012 Olympics mean that many historic towns may need to re-assess their approach to destination management. A conference to appraise these issues may help Members to achieve a sustainable and economically sound way forward.

Transport Innovation Fund: this initiative could have significant impact on Member towns and EHTF has been invited to Durham to explore this and other examples of its development.

Study Tour to the Netherlands: - planned by EAHTR for June 2008