Industrial heritage in historic towns - the European experience


EAHTR is leading the European project 'INHERIT', in partnership with the cities of Göteborg, Verona, Gdansk and Ubeda, Belfast and Newcastle upon Tyne. The project aims to understand the processes that underpin successful heritage led regeneration and to identify lessons relevant to historic cities across Europe. Its general guidance on 'how to deliver successful heritage led regeneration' will be briefly presented at the EHTF conference with a focus on a key conclusion - the need for historic cities to embrace 'diversity' in defining and delivering heritage-led regeneration including the contribution industrial heritage can make to realising social and economic benefits.

Industrial heritage is playing a major part in the heritage led regeneration of the former shipbuilding cities of Gdansk, Belfast, Göteborg and Newcastle. INHERIT will include case studies demonstrating a wide range of initiatives from strategic cultural approaches based on the city's industrial past to specific projects involving changes of use - helping to re - use valuable historic assets and re-position the historic city in the modern world.

One such example is the Gamlestadens Fabriker regeneration in Göteborg involving the modernisation of 62,000 sq m of industrial floor space including buildings dating back to the Swedish East India Company. Regeneration as part of a public private partnership started in 1993 with 60, mainly media related, businesses being attracted to the area. Specific lessons showing how this ambitious programme has been successfully realised will be presented at the conference.

Brian Smith,
Secretary General,