Clydebank: proud past, dynamic future

Titan crane, ClydebankClydebank was the home of John Brown's shipyards where many of the great Cunarder liners were built. The Queen Mary, and the QE2 are two of the most famous of the ships but over 400 cruise liners and naval ships were built during the 100 years that the John Brown's Yard dominated the Town.

When the yard closed for good in 1999, and the sheds and cranes began to be demolished, Clydebank Re-built, the local urban regeneration company, was asked by the community to step in and save the most prestigious of all the structures on the yard, the 'A' listed giant cantilever crane. Standing 150 feet high, right at the water edge, the Titan dominates the landscape and can be seen from every part of the Town.

Just over two years and £3million later, Clydebank Re-built has restored the crane and fitted a lift alongside it which takes people to the jib at the top. There they can access the crane's wheelhouse to see an exhibition of what working life in the yards was actually like. The restored crane is beloved by the local people who see it as both a relic of their industrial heritage and an iconic representation of a prosperous future.

The TitanClydebank opened to the public at the end of July.

Eleanor McAllister
Managing Director
Clydebank Re-built