EHTF across the borders

Edinburgh Holyrood Parliament building Glasgow Cathedral As I reported some time ago, after a successful liaison with colleagues in Ireland, a reciprocal membership agreement between the Irish Walled Towns Network and EHTF has been established in order to facilitate further exchange of information and good practice.

EHTF has now reached out north of the border with a series of meetings on 15 and 16 March with colleagues working in the heritage sector in Scotland. Whilst visiting Glasgow and Edinburgh I was able to begin to see how the historic buildings and environment in Scotland are protected and enhanced, and to discuss ways in which we might share experiences.

There are several organisations and institutions with responsibility for the various aspects of heritage, although there is not currently an organisation which corresponds to EHTF, that is, a point at which all the disciplines and sectors come together.

Everyone I spoke to was enthusiastic about working more closely with us and the Annual Conference, to be held in Newcastle in October looking at the value of the industrial heritage, will offer an opportunity for some meaningful exchanges.

Chris Winter
Director, EHTF