The value of industrial heritage

The value of industrial heritageThere is a growing realisation that the buildings associated with our industrial heritage, as well as the social history embedded in the fabric, are not only vital to the physical local identity but that there is also a 'ghost' identity, which can enrich a place and the experiences of both residents and visitors.

There are now many good examples of successful regeneration projects which have been based on the historic industrial built environment and the EHTF 2007 Annual Conference will explore some of these in the north east and Newcastle in October, demonstrating that what may once have been seen as having a negative impact on the town can proudly be used to its advantage.

Has your town re-discovered its industrial heritage?

If you are aware of examples of good practice in this field please let me know as I will be putting the programme together over the next few weeks and looking for case studies - large and small from our Member towns and cities. Email or call 0117 975 0459