A Sustainability Model - Improving Quality of Life

Quality of Life Model

Towns change, some more dramatically and more quickly than others. Each town is unique, a product of the cultural and other qualities of that place. Towns are living things ' they are both places, and the sum of the people who live and work there.

If we understand this to be the nature of towns, then our approach to shaping and implementing change needs to promote the quality of life of citizens as the cornerstone of urban development and regeneration. Whether it is a whole town under examination or an individual site, the same thought processes apply ' what will be the resultant social, environmental and economic outcomes and will these bring tangible and positive benefits to communities affected?

A sustainable approach to managing change in our historic towns is multi-faceted (as illustrated in the 'Q of L Model' below). It has the Quality of Life agenda at its core. Beyond the dimensions of Culture, Environment, Welfare and Economy the priorities may and will differ depending on specific circumstances.

However the message is a simple one ' to establish or maintain a sustainable renaissance of our historic towns we must be prepared to think as' urbanists' , beyond the comfort zone of 'disciplines'

Kevin McGovern,
RPS Planning, Transport & Environment