The yellow lines dilemma in Ludlow

Quality Square, LudlowAn example of the challenges facing many Forum Members Shropshire County Council is introducing decriminalised parking enforcement (DPE) very soon and it is a legal requirement for all parking restrictions, signs and markings to be 100% correct on the ground before they can be enforced.

In Ludlow, at the same time, a Pay and Display scheme will be introduced, generating an income which will enable the start up of a new full time Park and Ride service this October, whilst also cutting some bus fares. In addition, there is a residents' parking permit scheme covering the whole town, so local people are not disadvantaged by the charges.

A decision was made to re-mark where necessary existing double yellow lines to conservation area standards and mark out bays in line with current regulations. This would require fewer upright signs (since 'no waiting at any time' plates are no longer mandatory with double yellow lines) and would be more easily enforceable.

This is consistent with what was done after the enhancement scheme was completed and the yellow lines have been quite neatly executed. There are no lines in a couple of the most highly sensitive areas, such as Quality Square, but elsewhere the choice is stark: lines, signs or cars. Experience tells us that people will park in even the narrowest of streets if they get the chance!

There will be a review of the signing situation once the scheme has settled down and improvements or alterations to reduce visual impact will be considered then. This review (which it has been suggested may involve EHTF) will be taken very seriously, in line with the long term approach to historic Ludlow.

Image: Quality Square, Ludlow