Plans to expand the Membership

In response to the continuing growth of interest in the Forum, it was agreed by the AGM on 18 October that Membership would no longer exclude Local Authorities which could not identify a 'recognisable historic centre' but would include all English Local Authorities which support the organisation's aims and objectives.

These changes will expand the network of shared experiences and best practice still further and add weight to the collective voice of the Forum.

EHTF welcomes all stakeholders and practitioners who support the organisation's aims and objectives.

For details of the new structure, which will be effective from 1 January 2007 please see table below:

EHTF membership categories


Previous Criteria

New Category/Criteria



Confined to English local authorities which have within their administrative area recognisable historic centres which possess an outstanding architectural heritage, the qualities and character of which have been substantially maintained

'Local Authority Membership'

English local authorities; to include county, borough, district, and city councils.


Commercial or professional organisations which support the Forum's objectives

No change


Local Authorities with an interest in the work of the Forum but not eligible for full membership (eg County Councils); Governmental and non-governmental organisations; Educational institutions; Professional institutes; and national amenity groups, charities and campaigning organisations (active outside of historic towns)

'Associate Membership'

RDA's, URC's, Governmental and non-governmental organisations; educational institutions; professional institutes; national and regional civic and amenity groups, charities and campaigning organisations etc; town and parish councils


Individuals with an interest in historic towns and cities; eg: independent consultants, retired persons, students etc.

No change


Local Civic or Amenity Societies active in an historic town

'Local Civic or Amenity Societies'
No change to criteria


Honorary personal membership can be bestowed on individuals in recognition of their personal contribution to historic towns and cities.

No change


National bodies with shared interests and with whom co-operation will benefit members and partners

No change

2007 fee scale
A new scale of fees will be implemented from January 2007. This will reflect a small increase for unchanged categories (in line with current practice) and introduce a new, fairer scale of fees for Local Authority members, reflecting their size and therefore ability to pay.

Local Authority Members
(dependent on population)
Under 100k £375
100-300k £400
300-1000k £425
1000k + £450
(dependent on number of employees)
1-10 £60
11-100 £250
101-250 £400
251+ £550
Associate £250
Civic & Amenity £60
Individual £50
Reciprocal no fee
Honorary no fee