Conference Report - Managing hertiage assets: waterways in historic towns

Waterways are frequently the raison d'etre for historic towns, and making the most of them was the focus of this event held in Straford-upon-Avon on June 8, with support from the Local Authority and British Waterways. Regeneration of the canals and riverside in this famous English town is part of a larger project - 'World Class Stratford' - which was explained to delegates by Paul Ogden the Project Director, and which also includes a ?100m projecty to overhaul the Royal Shakespeare Theatre. The project aims to reverse the decline of the town and encourage inward investment, which in turn will help to conserve the town's rich built heritage. Several innovative schemes for waterfront regeneration were presented, which included transport integration, tourism strategies, management of anti-social behaviour, events and festivals focus on iconic buildings and funding solutions. Delegates explored the town to see for themselves the successes to date, the projects in progress and the problems that they shared.  View the full conference report (as a pdf), copies of the powerpoint presentations can be obtained from the EHTF office.