HEART beating strongly

HEART, the Heritage Economic and Regeneration Trust, whose aims are to provide a unique co-ordinating umbrella role for heritage management, development and promotion in Norwich and to become an international best pactice model in heritage led regeneration has had a fairly impmressive period of operation in the first half of 2006.   As well as securing £1M from HM Treasury and almost £0.5M from EEDA for regeneration projects, HEART has presented its 'Heritage Development Plan' approach to a range of international bodies including ICOMOS, the Croatian Ministry of Culture and Chamber of Commerce and the IFHP (International Federation of Housing and Planning) in Oslo.  In September HEART's Chief Executive Michael Loveday presents to a conference on the benefits of heritage led regeneration in Luxembourg and to the League of Historical Cities in Australia later in the year. Micheal Loveday is an Executive Member of the EHTF.