Northern Ireland Planning Reform

A consultation is underway on the proposed introduction of a two tier planning structure in Northern Ireland. It is intended that local councils will be responsible for developing their own local development plan and determining the majority of planning applications with only regionally significant applications being determined by the Department of the Environment. The consultation period will end on 20th August 2014. Read more

Housing Strategy for Northern Ireland

The Northern Ireland Executive has proposed that for the first time development of new housing of five or more units should include an element of social housing. The new obligation is part of the proposed Housing Strategy for Northern Ireland. The Department for Social Development is consulting on the proposed policy and the suggested level of contributions.
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Good Practice in Planning Consultation

English Heritage is undertaking consultation on Historic Environment Good Practice Advice in Planning. EH has published 3 advice notes on good practice relating to

  • The Historic Environment in local plans
  • Decision Taking in the Historic Environment
  • The Setting of Heritage Assets.

It is inviting comments on the 3 notes from those engaged in the planning system as it relates to the historic environment. The consultation period ends on 5th September.
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