HTF Events and Seminars

Forthcoming Historic Towns Events

We have an exciting programme of events starting in 2014. In addition we will be introducing an events’ season ticket and further discounts on events for members who join again in 2014. Ask for details here

London 18 February 2014 – FREE EVENT

Local Authority Skills’ Summit Invitation Event

In answer to the skills’ gap crisis in Local Authorities regarding the continued dearth and increasing cuts in Archaeological, Conservation and Heritage Officers, the HTF is holding a free strategy event to determine what our part of the sector needs to do to address this issue. This will be informed by recent IHBC and ALGAO research.  Speakers include ALGAO, IHBC, RTPI, English Heritage and others. This will be at HTF partner’s office, Bircham Dyson Bell, 50 Broadway, London, on 18 February 2014, from 11.30-4, with lunch. Places will be limited so register now!

Historic Built Environment Seminars Oxford 2014 – February 25 – FREE EVENT

The New Towns Agenda – Masterplanning for new towns, garden cities and urban extensions in the historic environment – theory, practice and examples

The Historic Towns Forum, the Association of Small Historic Towns and Villages, and Kellogg College are pleased to announce the inaugural series of Historic Built Environment Seminars. Beginning in 2014, these seminars will address current and contentious topics within the historic built environment, fostering academic dialogue, professional practice, and providing an arena in which the public, private, civic and academic sectors can engage in heated and healthy debate about all aspects of the topic in hand. The seminar series will be accompanied by published proceedings each following year.

The first of these is on 25 February, and will feature David Lock, of David Lock Associates (and ex- Milton Keynes Development Corporation Chief Planner) on New Towns and Masterplanning. The event will begin with wine and nibbles at 7pm, followed by the seminar and discussion at 7.30pm. The event will finish at 9pm. The other seminars are as follows:

  • 3 June Steven Bee, Steven Bee Urban Counsel, on Urban extensions and ‘Poundbury-Lite’
  • 14 October Peter Larkham, Birmingham City University, on Conserving the post-Second World War reconstruction: a contentious idea

These are free events. Register here Please do join us!
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London March 13 2014 – Note change of date from February 24

Accommodating growth in historic towns – what can we learn from past models and future thinking?

Response to our Milton Keynes Conference on the New Towns Agenda was so positive that we are revisiting the topic with a focus on how what we can learn from Masterplanning and social planning of the past in our historic towns and cities – are we taking those lessons forward into the planning of today and the future, or are we continuing to reinvent the wheel? This event will be held at HTF partners’ office Bircham Dyson Bell , 50 Broadway, London, on 13 March 2014. Register here

Poundbury April 03 2014

Heritage Tourism, Ruralism, Communications and Business in a Broadband Age
England Tourism Week

The Historic Towns Forum in conjunction with ASHTAV will be holding its second National Tourism Conference during England Tourism week on April 3 2014. This will focus on rural heritage and tourism issues and how Broadband provision affects this, among other topical issues such as communications, transport infrastructure and economic growth in rural historic settlements. The event will be VisitEngland supported and will include tours around Poundbury, the often controversial and fascinating housing development instigated by HTF Patron, HRH Prince Charles. It is rumoured we may have some important guests! Register here

London May 01 2014

Annual Heritage Legislation Update

On May 01 we will be holding our annual heritage legislation update at HTF partners’ office Bircham Dyson Bell , 50 Broadway, London, on 24 February 2014. With so much still changing in both the planning and heritage sectors, this event, hosted by legal advisors to English Heritage, is not to be missed. Register here

Other HTF events
What events would you like us to put on?
We are now planning the rest of yearly programme. What events would you like us to cover? Some ideas so far include Coastal Communities, revisiting the LEP issues, transport infrastructure and further events on accommodating growth. And where would you like us to hold them? We’ve had several requests for events in the north of England, later in the year. Places we are considering are Scarborough, Liverpool and Manchester. Let us know what you think!