RTPI Planning Convention 2014

Meeting the challenge: how will planners shape the future?

Book your place now for The Planning Convention 2014 and be inspired as we celebrate the RTPI's centenary and 100 years of professional planning.

Taking place on Tuesday 24th June in Central Hall Westminster, London, The Planning Convention 2014 will ask what are the big challenges on the horizon that will shape the next 50 years? We will address major issues including how to deliver quality as well as quantity in housing, how we build healthier communities and how to overcome the real constraints upon economic growth, such as infrastructure and market failure.

Expert practitioners will discuss what these challenges will mean for the quality of life for communities in different parts of the UK.

With a packed and flexible programme, and outstanding opportunities for networking and debate, these critical topics will feature across workshop and plenary sessions with speakers of national and international renown.

Join the convention debate about how to make planning fit for purpose in shaping the future of our communities.


£195+VAT for RTPI members and £295+VAT for non RTPI members.

How to book

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