High Street Renewal Funding

Local Growth Minister Mark Prisk has announced the seven urban areas that will receive a share of the Government’s £1m High Street Renewal Award. They are:

  • Herne Hill, London, where a thriving town square and market has been created in the heart of the community;
  • Northam Road, Southampton, where strong local leadership and a public/private partnership is transferring the High Street into a regional antiques centre;
  • Altrincham, Greater Manchester, where landlords and retailers are working together to bring empty shops back into use;
  • Ipswich, where the town centre has been reorientated and linked to a new waterfront development;
  • Market Rasen, Lincolnshire, where the local market has been strengthened and community shops opened offering local products;
  • Gloucester, where local start ups have resulted in record new company registrations;
  • Rotherham, where independent businesses  have taken empty premises.

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