SAVING A NATIONAL ICON – the Chichester Society would like your help

Anthony Quail of the Chichester Society writes:

Many of the nation's red phone booths have become drab, dilapidated and unloved: a red blot on the streetscape of our villages and towns. While the Chichester Society hopes to encourage BT to be more pro-active in managing its phone booth community adoption programme  they would like to persuade BT to repaint and clean all of their K6 phone booths – whether or not they are listed or in conservation areas. This situation is full of irony: the famed 'K6' booth was designed by Giles Gilbert Scott in response to a commission from the Post Office to mark King George V's Jubilee in 1936. It seems absolutely right therefore to promote the restoration of the K6 phone booth for our own Queen's Jubilee nearly 80 years later. A good campaign for 2012: what do Historic Towns Forum members think? Either contact us at to let us know your views and we will pass them on, or contact Anthony Quail or the Chichester Society Chair direct.

K6 booths: dilapidated at Chichester and the Highlands and cared for in Shoreham