Compensation under Riot Damages Act

On Thursday 11 August the Prime Minister announced a raft of measures in the wake of the riots seen across many parts of England. Part of the package of support to communities affected by the riots includes a commitment that any individual, homeowner or business that has suffered damage to or loss of a building arising out of a riot, can seek compensation under the Riot Damages Act and that the time limit for applying has increased from 14 to 42 days. The Act allows individuals to submit a claim to their Police Authority.

You may receive queries regarding claims for compensation. If you do the advice is:

  • If the individual has insurance, they should check their policy to see if it covers riot damage. If it does, they should contact their insurer directly to claim.
  • If they do not have insurance or it does not cover riot damage they may be eligible to make a claim for compensation from their local Police Authority.
  • Download more information and claims forms
  • Those affected have 42 days to make a claim for compensation. These 42 days are counted from the first 'clear day' after the disorder.

Also find out about the High Street Fund which has been set up to give emergency financial help to small businesses in England following the August riots.